Feb 23, 3018
Troy Mason
Houston, TX
This Card Was Designed To Totally Upgrade Your Financial Future!
A lot of people have seen or heard a little bit about my ZBlackCard but very few really know what I'm really doing. I know this because once someone understands my strategy they can't help but order a card right away.

So here goes. Every card you have in your purse, wallet or pocket was issued to you by a company. If you Google that company you find that EVERY company is worth more than a billion dollars! I did not say some of them I said all of them!

Do you have any idea how many people can make a great living from a billion dollar company? Do you have any idea how many millionaires and six figure earners in a typical billion dollar company? The numbers would blow your mind!

Now here's where it gets really crazy. I have over 20 cards. They range from debit cards, prepaid cards to credit cards and the smallest company that issued me a card is worth 7 billion dollars and the largest is worth 500 billion dollars! That’s half a trillion dollars!

What are they giving any of us in return for helping them to become multi-billion dollar companies? Nothing! THEY DON'T GIVE US S***! Sorry for the tone.

But I used it to make a point. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Order your ZBlackCard I guarantee you that it is a much better card than any card you are currently using!

And I know for sure that it is the only card that will allow your income to grow as we move toward becoming a billion dollar card issuer just like every other card you use.

If it can happen for them, it can happen for us! Together we are just as smart as they are; don't ever let anyone tell you that we are not. Our problem is that we have no unity! We all want the same things and we can have it by simply changing our card to one that’s designed to help you prosper financially.

If you agree with me all that I ask is that you like this post and share it with others, then order your card by going to

You will need the code of a current card holder to place order your card but I am sure that if you ask for a code one of our card holders will be glad to send you and invitation.

If there is an easier way to build a billion dollar company I’ve never seen it!

I look forward to working with you!!

Jan 01, 2021
Nikki Flemister
Lithonia, GA
I couldn't have created a better debit card for myself!!!
Every since I been a member of Zblackcard I been able to save money and secure a financial safety net and a source of income which has been there for me when when I needed it. The founder Troy Mason gives great communication every time I call or text. It amazes me because how many CEO's will answer the phone for you?! That's another thing the team keeps the tribe in the know. He keeps us updated with what's going on consistently. It feels great knowing I have a safe and lucrative source of income with Ztegrity.
Dec 29, 2020
F Newton
Houston, TX
Horrible Service No Communication
I order a card on 11/06/2020. I never received the envelope to send my inactivated credit card in. Put in multiple support requests since the phone is just to a recording. No replies no nothing but they still have my money. I paid the additional $20 for the monthly fee when I order as I intended to promote this card to make additional income but I can’t promote what I don’t have. My next step is to go to the office as I live in Houston! This company shouldn’t just take people money and not deliver the product.
Nov 29, 2020
Washington, DC
I need one
For my business
May 09, 2020
Scott Bland
Lima, OH
A Moral Company With TONS Of Integrity
I have been with Ztegrity and Mr. Troy Mason now for a little over 5 years. His products continue to get better and better. He's driven. His phone number and address is actually on the website. If you are looking for a company to take your life to a whole new level, THIS IS IT. The ZBlackCard and its features are absolutely BRILLIANT.
Apr 21, 2020
Delricas Jones
Decatur, GA
Forex club
I love my zblack card. It's the best card in my wallet. The special feature: forex savings account did what they said it would do, and that's double my money!! I would recommend this card to everyone.
Mar 14, 2020
Vincent Dunn (Mr. Emerald City)
Seattle, WA
This Beautiful High End Custom Ultra Elite Rewards Prepaid Debit Card mad of Heavy Metal can Help you in a number of ways. Save Money Our Card allows you to save money on fees, hotels, last minute air travel, rental cars, movie tickets, sporting events, amusement parks, etc. Plus it provides you with free teller withdrawls from any bank. Earn Money Our Card allows you to earn 50% on card orders of each person you refer, 10% commisssion on Forex deposits, $400 on Leadership Referrals and $100 Override. You can also earn thousands in monthly residuals. Multiply Money As a card owner with us we allow you to open a Forex Savings Account that grows from the profits earned by our Forex traders. This can double your money multiple times a year. Order your Card today and Upgrade your Financial Future. My Invitation code is 9U2H
Mar 01, 2020
Antonio Seale
Taunton, MA
Fantabulous card! Fantabulous indeed!. I ordered my card for the great savings it provides the prestige and the ambiance of being a part of the wave of a new banking system that's designed for everyone. Thank you Troy!
Mar 01, 2020
Antonio Seale
Taunton, MA
Fantabulous card absolutely Fantabulous!. I ordered this card for the prestige the savings and the ambiance of a whole new wave of banking.
Feb 29, 2020
Darrell Muhammad El
Phoenix , AZ
This is the Best Card Ever! It put money in my pocket, I save money on products & services and it puts me in the perfect situation to create Generational Wealth!!!💳💱💵
Feb 29, 2020
Robert Greeley jr
ashland, MA
This card gives anyone anywhere opportunity .to make incredible residual income plus endless benifits. Click on "affiliate near me" and sign up!!
Feb 29, 2020
Kueleza Dey la Vega
Oakland, CA
Best card on the planet... Hands Down
Feb 29, 2020
Charles Turner jr
Terrell, TX
The card is breathe taking, but the rewards are out of this world!!!!!
Oct 01, 2018
David (Elite Black Card Guy) Albion
WoodAcre, CA
ZBlack Card & Other Products/Services
Why Entrepreneurship & Why Ztegrity!
Sep 22, 2018
Mildred Scantlebury
Summerville, SC
FINALLY, A Better PrePaid/Debit Card Available
AFTER learning more about ZTEGRITY (NOT just the ZBlackCard), but the other products, as well as info on the Founder, and the Compensation Plan, I regret ignoring all previous INVITES received earlier this year... With PrePaid/Debit Cards in such great demand and the forever seach for additional opportunities, I feel very comfortable being a ZBlackCard Cardholder... company has amazing financial benefits. AND, I see longevity. At last, a chance to boost my Credit Tradeline by $10,000 and earn Rewards simultaneously, thanks to ZTEGRITY & the "Visionary Man, Mr. Troy Mason Mr. Mason, you Rock!!! (843) 860-2510 (K83S)
Sep 19, 2018
Maria (Yiebah) Mc Kenzie
Staten Island, NY
ZBlackCard is HOT! HOT! HOT!
I am so excited about "ZTEGRITY".- LOVE calling that name - "ZTEGRITY," "ZTEGRITY" - so much Love & "I N T E G R I T Y!" Thank you Mr. Troy Mason for this Godsent Opportunity. Because of your Dream, which is NOW a REALTY, millions of people around the world NOW have an opportunity to enhance their financial future and assist others who are in desperate need. Blessings Always! (3ZRL) NY
Sep 15, 2018
Cassandra Lewis
Auburn, WA
My Prestigious Zblackcard!
This exquisite Zblackcard is a gamechanger! When i heard about this card and all the rewards and benefits, I knew needed to get one! Finally an all metal card thst improbes one's credit score, pays you a paycheck when you refer and offers rewards. If you are interested in this amazing card and income opportunity contact me My promo code is ZL7X. Or contact me by email,
Sep 13, 2018
Vincent Dunn
Seattle WA., WA
You have a Seat the Table to a Billion Dollar Company.
It was a No Brainer for me. A Beautiful Styliah Metal Debit Card, A once in a lifetime opportunity to truly earn income from home or mobile, The only Prepaid Debit Card That Pays you simply for sharing and inviting new card holders I Want and Need to boost my credit score and most people do now a days in the country. This Virtually Eliminates all Fees Associated with debit cards. It’s giving us all the ability to live the lifestyle we want to. Please contact me if would like more info and would like order your Card today. My Number is 206-747-4161 Text or Call me. My personal Invitation promo code is:9U2H I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you 😊
Sep 13, 2018
James P Thomas
Cleveland, OH
When you really take the time to think about what ZBlackcard can DO for you, I think you will have the same reaction! This card saves me money, increases my credit AND gives me RESIDUAL INCOME!
Sep 10, 2018
Mildred Scantlebury
Summerville, SC
AFTER learning more about ZTEGRITY (NOT just the ZBlackCard), but the other products, as well as info on the Founder, and the Compensation Plan, I regret ignoring all previous INVITES received earlier this year... With PrePaid Cards in such great demand and the forever seach for additional opportunties, I feel very comfortable being a ZETGRITY cardholder... company has amazing opportunities, AND I see longevity. I now have an opportunity to boost my Trade Credit line by $10,000 and earn commissions simultaneojusly, thanks to ZTEGRITY. (843) 860-2510 (EST) if I may be of help).
Sep 08, 2018
Bobby Jones
Fontana, CA
Elite Rewards Card
I am always looking for a card that comes with perks and rewards so when I saw the uniqueness of the metal Zblackcard and the truly world class rewards that come with the card, I was sold. This is the easiest product I have ever promoted because it promotes itself. I just drop and refer, it's that easy. I now pay all of my online bills with my Zblackcard and the bank account that comes with it. Love this card....
Aug 30, 2018
Uzoma Mutaqaddim
Detroit, MI
This Business Can Help A Lot of People
I was discussing this opportunity with my accountant today and he confirmed what I already knew, that this is something that is really needed in the community and could be a great benefit to people looking to create wealth!
Aug 30, 2018
Steven Brooks
Phoenix, AZ
Elite Card...Company and Opportunity
Hands down the absolute best card I have in my wallet. I hadn't actively used a prepaid card prior to ordering my Zblackcard. Somehow I figured I was not amongst the pre-paid card holders who were saddled with fees for just about every transaction. Upon closer monitoring I realized my bank was hitting me with similar fees as if I hadn't banked with them for the majority of my adult life. The way this card is designed is to eliminate injustice in the pre-paid card industry. Zblackcard doesn't look to benefit from the misfortune of any card holder. That is probably what I respect most about this opportunity. Thank you Mr. Mason for looking out for everyone involved. Great company and great card. The reaction I get whenever I use my card is PRICELESS!
Aug 26, 2018
Donna Williams
I came across the ZBlack Card Advertisement in my email. I became intrigued the more I learned about this Debit Card and all it has to offer. Amazingly there are no fees you find with other debit cards. No credit check. With a routing and account number, it can be used as a checking account with or without direct deposit. The most exciting offer is the $10,000 Trade Line reporting that is a credit booster. There is also an International visa card for those who so choose to utilize this benefit. If you are looking to start a home business you can't go wrong with ZTEGRITY, as there are many products to choose from. The Black and gold metal card sales it's self when I present it, strategically, allowing it to fall on the counter. Heads turn and the questions begin. IF you would like to reach out to me about this amazing Opportunity, how to get started, call me at 626-429-0002 Promo code DY82
Aug 26, 2018
Donna Williams
murrieta, CA

This Zblackcard is the only DEBIT CARD that allows you to Improve your credit score Up to $10,000 No credit check Makes a person bankable With a checking account with direct deposit This card has Altro elite rewards And allow you to have a business To work at home too This opportunity is open to any body That is serious about changing your life In so many Ways .I am so happy when I came across this information in my email I saved it I came back to it signed up and gave it a try I am so happy That I was able to work at home this program ..
Aug 24, 2018
Brenda K. Lee
Warren, MI

Zblackcard is THE ONLY DEBIT CARD that allows you to INCREASE your Credit Score!!! Being an experienced Entrepreneur and Marketer; I've sold many things in my life. however after being introduced to this amazing opportunity and the BENEFITS that it can provide... I WAS ALL IN!!! GROUND FLOOR!!!;NO CREDIT CHECK;NO DIRECT DEPOSIT FEES;No MONTHLY FEES; CREDIT BOOSTE!!!;No TELLER FEES ETC.... 100% APPROVAL to persons that are not bank-able!!! Wow!!!! The Ztegrity ULTRA ELITE REWARDS CARD...……………. IS the ONLY PREPAID MASTERCARD THAT ALLOWS YOU TO EARN CASH AND REWARDS!!!!!! WITHOUT THE FEES OF A PREPAID CARD ie: "Rush Card" I'm able to get a fresh start while having the OPPORTUNITY to drive the car of my DREAMS!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!I personally Invite you to log on to my page @ and join the best OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME!!!
Aug 24, 2018
Brenda K.Lee
Warren, MI
Being a natural born Entrepreneur most of my life...I've finally prayed for and received one of the best GROUND FLOOR opportunities that that has ever been offered to me!!! REALLY!!!!???? A Prepaid Debit card that has NO CREDIT CHECK, NO Direct Deposit Fees, No late fees, No Point of sale fees....etc....The WORLD's ONLY Secured, Prepaid, Elite Rewards Card +++ EARN Residual Income!!! The Card that really pays you!!! On TOP of all of that....YOU GET A TRADLINE AND A CREDIT BOOST!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!! Anyone looking to work from home, earn great Elite & Cash Rewards, THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!!!!
Aug 21, 2018
Cathy Williams
Carson, CA
Living MY ZBlackCard Life
WoW... At the end of 2017, I made the conscience decision, to work from home, FULL-Time, and to raise my Credit Score, now, at that time, I had "NO" idea "HOW" I was going to accomplish this tall order, all I knew was, I had to DO IT! My business minded Partner Elaine, called to tell me about a Metal ZBlackCard, seeing that I love anything unique, I was all in, the ZBlackCard is Practical, it's Metal, makes me money when I least expect it, and best of all, it's Grown and Sexy! For more info on this Spectacular ZBlackCard, please go to: See YOU at the TOP!
Aug 20, 2018
:-) David Albion (Got Ein?) 3VRK
Santa Barbara, CA
It's The Card & Business That WORKED for me, as I Put forth Action!...
1(805)636-6646 PST 8am - 9pm (For your questions ANSWERED) or text :-) I Look forward to assisting you & your team to Success, as Quickly as you're ready & want to grow & Earn. REALLY! Just using the card for 2 or 3 months or so you'll have What's needed to Earn Greatly! If you are Gr8 at Networking &/or Marketing online or in person, Well this Where you'll get the Income Earned for the time Invested!... So Impressive AND The 1st AND ONLY 1 oz Solid METAL BLACK Ultra Elite Debit Card! It PAYS You & ME! My book, that's Better than Fees, EVERYWHERE you turn... AND has MANY Rewards to Qualify for AND Can Choose the Reward or Take the CASH! WoW! This is THE Next "Microsoft", "iPhone" "BitCoin" WITHOUT the Market Volatility! NO Credit Check NO ATM Fees NO Withdrawal Fees NO AND 7+ other NO'S - POWERFUL NO"S you LOVE! Focus on Where we're/this Company is at and SHARE - THAT'S it! MAKES GR8 $$$,$$$, REALLY! Imagine your Current institution (Bank or Credit Union) if you were There when they 1st started & Are Earning on that Still, Today! Chase, Wells Fargo, Navy Federal Still paying you - That's Million, Billions per Founding member - Willable to your Heirs or Charity(s) of choice. That's Ztegrity/ZBlack Card, FOR REAL! As Card Holder 7304 as this was penned, 8515 Total Card Holders: 8/20/18 End of day... Closing in on 10,000, then 100,000 then 1,000,000's of Card Holders! How many will be invited by You & How Much will you be Earning THEN? The Numbers AND The Dollars $ are soon to be HUGE! :-)
Aug 17, 2018
Monterey, CA
The Place To Be Is looking back
I decided to jump all in because of the elegance of the card and being it was Metal. I see the HUGE potential the ZBlackCard has and how it can help many people.I can't wait for my display of assorted cards so I can take orders and have fun showing off the best card out there.Contact Cooper: 831.241.7944 or
Aug 16, 2018
Ardis Lewis Sr.
Ypsilanti, MI
Changing my Lifestyle
This year 2018 I had to make a serious decision about my credit score and finance. I Thank God for answering my prayers, to this wonderful business that came my way. This Business opportunity will change anyone's life style with the amazing boosting your credit score. I was all in, with a debit card that has no fees I was all in. And with a awesome compensation plan, I was all in. If you are looking to change your lifestyle you came to the right business.
Aug 15, 2018
Christopher McCoy
Homewood, IL
Words cannot express how this card and opportunity has cause a HUGE impact in a short period of time for team and self. This card stands out and I just love the expression on peoples faces when they see and hear it. I've never been in a opportunity that myself and team is doing a 50% conversion rate consistently. I'm proud that my team and I will be contributing to take Ztegrity to a million dollar company and beyond in a short period of time. Team R.E.A.L.
Aug 09, 2018
Randall Johnson
Lynchburg, VA
This is definitely a great conversation piece and love it! I truly believe that this is the best card in America.
Aug 09, 2018
Shawana Hunter
Livonia, MI
Ztegrity Metal Glass Display
5 Star
Aug 03, 2018
Vincent Dunn aka:MrEmeraldCity
Seattle WA. , WA
Hey Friends and Family, Let's make this go viral! I'm sure you will agree, that credit card and debit card companies have been robbing us blind for years. Well personally, I have had enough so I am upgrading my debit card to the Ztegrity, International Black Visa Elite Rewards Card because this card comes with zero fees and credit reporting on my behalf to help improve my credit score as well as an amazing Auto Rewards program where they will put me behind the wheel of my dream car without a credit check and more. Now, The only way to acquire a card, is to be invited by another card holder, and if you reading this you probably were already invited. I just became a ZBlackCard member on Sunday, and hoping to see my ZBlackCard in the mail by tomorrow or early next week. I’m like a kid on Christmas waiting for Santa lol. Guys get this card it wipes away vast majority of fees, Helps you build your Credit, can rent a car and book Hotel rooms, and can supply you a residual income sharing, inviting other new Card Members, and tons of rewards to many to list here. Highly recommend it. If you here and have not been invited Please by all means Allow me to say Welcome by Inviting you with my PROMO CODE:9U2H
Jul 30, 2018
Candi Perry
Indianapolis, IN
ZBlackcard Auto Rewards
This is quite an interesting company. I ordered my ZBlackcard because being a holder of several credit and debit cards I have not yet had one pay me or give me the opportunity to help others increase their income while helping their credit score increase. I have been looking for this card for several decades and am delighted that it is now available and that someone cared enough to share the opportunity with me. I made more money my first week than I expected and received other bonuses as well. Way to go Ztegrity!
Jul 30, 2018
Wilhelmina Ford - The Native
Miami, FL
No questions, No doubts, No pondering, and for sure No wondering about why I am forever LOYAL to the Ztegrity Company and it's Z-BLACK-Card. I have received confirmation that I AM aligned with my DESTINY and walking in DIVINE Ztegrity Membership number is my Date of Birth. In addition to this; I love these facts: Mr. Troy Mason is the Founder, CEO, and President of this Black Owned Company; He's a HISTORIAN because he is doing what no one else has ever done in the Banking Industry; he is giving us "The Most Prestigious Bank Card" in the World; and He's demonstrating to us that,,,when we help others, we help ourselves. Thank you Mr.Troy Mason for sharing your Blessings of Economic Privileges, and giving us the opportunity and tools to do the same. My Troy Mason is a person of Generosity and Integrity. We are with the right company...Ztegrity!!
Jul 28, 2018
Elaine Curl-Turner
Santa Clara, CA
This Amazing Zblackcard Opportunity
I actually heard about Ztegrity and the amazing Zblackcard over a year ago and could just kick myself, for waiting to join until May of 2018. I was so excited about this opportunity, that I jumped in with both feet and went to work, enrolling my first 10 people, within my first 24 hours of promoting this opportunity. I now have 19 personal representatives under me and everywhere I go and use my Zblackcard, everyone ask about it or they want to know where they can get one, this is truly the most fun I have had promoting a product in a long time. Joining Ztegrity, is a no brainier and If you don't jump on this opportunity, You may be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
Jul 25, 2018
Toby Anderson
Longview, WA
I love all of the benefits and the opportunity to succeed in business!
Jul 24, 2018
Kristin Blake
Balch Springs, TX
I'm in love with my card!! I just want to drop it everywhere I go to grab peoples attention! I love that it's helping me rebuild my credit! Thank you Troy Mason!
Jul 22, 2018
Malcolm Garrett
Ypsilanti, MI
The Z Blackcard
The ZBlackcard is like having 5 cards in one. All the positives with none of the negatives. a credit booster with up to $10,000 primary tradeline. did I mention it also makes you money by inviting others that join. where to get yours: what's in your wallet/purse?
Jul 16, 2018
Tracy Williams-Lindsey
Grandview, MO
The time is now.
I saw the Zblackcard in a post on Facebook. I know about the American Express Black card, so when I saw the Mastercard, I had to ask. My sponsor told me about the perks, including the credit line boost. I was sold. I had filed bankruptcy after a divorce and I'm still rebuilding my credit. My credit score is 710 and I'm trying to reach the 800 range. One day soon it will be a reality. Now I'm taking advantage of the other benefits, including the free money orders and it’s great to use an ATM that won't take a big bite out of my wallet. Oh, and this black card is metal too! I absolutely love it. I'm in Grandview, MO and if you want to hear more, I can be reached at 816-723-6904 or
Jul 10, 2018
B.J. Massey
bryans rd, MD
Just makes sense
I joined this program because i saw the need of this type of card in today's market. Most cards have fees taking more money out of your pocket and there is no card out there that helps you with your credit. Imagine helping those consumers switch to our zblack card the income potential is unlimited.
Jul 02, 2018
Frederick Marshall /G\
SAN Antonio, TX
Why Did I choose This Card????
My reason for choosing this card was the tradeline and NO fees. This is a card that everyone, no matter what your credit status is, where you have a chance to repair your credit and save on fees.
Jun 25, 2018
Kenneth Johnson
Jackson, MS
I ordered the zblackcard because of the Auto Reward Program, which allows you to drive your dream car for $50 per month. But since I have been a part of this program I have been able to receive a residual income that is growing daily. The $10,000 secured line of credit has been a major attraction and my business is growing daily. Thank you Ztegrity for this amazing opportunity. I am forever grateful. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions 601-566-5378 Kj
Jun 23, 2018
Christopher John Hopkins
Hartford , CT
The ZBlackCard is the best debit💳card on the market.
This card is helping people with credit issues and more.
Jun 15, 2018
Jun 05, 2018
Rachel Reed
Silver Spring, MD
I Love My Card
I've had my card for a year now, and it never gets old. Everywhere I go to use my card, its a conversation piece. The Sleek and Elegant look of my card, and the fact that its metal, would make anyone take notice.
Jun 03, 2018
Jeff Trills Jantuah
Austell, GA
The Premium Metal Pre Paid Debit Card that Keeps on Giving!
So i Originally purchased this card because of the Low to no Fees it offers and that the fact i NEVER owned a PREMIUM METAL DEBIT CARD! so that was an added Bonus.. Now having the actual card in my hand and see the reaction of the people,it was one of the best decision I've in 2018 and heres why 1)I'm in the Billion dolllar Pre Paid Metal Debit card Business and where the only Metal Pre Paid Debit card company intown 2) The way people treat you and show your card to their co workers is Priceless. and its a simple recruiting tool that WORKS 3) I'm Able to Build Credit and help others do the same from College kids who don"t have Any Credit to being able to build a strong credit history by the time they leave college 4)This card allows you to send money to your Kids,your Wife and even families in other countries Like GHANA (aka where im from) with out NO FEES. all i did was buy a card for me and for my family member back how and now now western union fee..PRICELESS 5) I can help others get their Life back and build a small fortune in the process... 6) I get to offfer help small to large companies Have an Elite Metal Debit card that they can get their companies Brand/logo customized on every payroll card as well as have branded cards they can offer to their clients which will brand them every where their employees and customer uses the card.. can we say POWERFUL??? so thanks a trillion Mr Mason,because of you we really have something special here.. P.s. I would Still buy this card if there wasn't a commission tied to it. But Im So Happy i get paid to help restore peoples lives
May 31, 2018
Ivan Ross
shreveport, LA
Less fees
I ordered the card to save money on purchasing and the opportunity to make a residual income
May 31, 2018
Sandi Jackson
Bedford, TX
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my ZBlackcard. When I tell you this is the sexiest thing in my wallet. I don't do a BOSS TOSS, we ladies do the DIVA TOSS! I love the sense of empowerment that it demands when you see the look on the merchants faces when you hand them the card. Their facial expressions are priceless. This ZMovement, is setting us up for (generationalwealth). I'm trying to free and help as MANY as I can on this wonderful journey. Many thanks to Troy Mason and his team for such an amazing product and opportunity. Reach out if you want to get your own sense of empowerment. 817-799-6003 Blessings
May 31, 2018
Craig Jackson
Bedford, TX
What an AMAZING card, and a PHENOMENAL opportunity!
The benefits that come with this card for the average consumer are unheard of in this industry. Virtually No Fees and a positive trade line added to your credit. I'm Card Holder #1982. So to think from a business stand point that for just sharing the amazing benefits of this card (which I would do anyway) I can leave a LEGACY my generations to come is PRICELESS! Don't delay! Start your legacy today! (YouAreApproved)
May 31, 2018
Ron Jackson
Sarasota, FL
Everyone love this card, no exceptions...
Everything about my ZBlackCard is amazing. It allows me to earn more money because every time I use it, it start a great conversation, which only goes in one direction, which is positive. When you toss the card on the counter it sells itself through excitement and curiosity. You need to have one of these for sure...
May 30, 2018
Mrs Tashan Curry
Milwaukee, WI
My Zblackcard My pride and Joy
You just won’t belive how I love my card thanks to all of you Mr Troy Mason and Staff Keep up the great work and I love encouraging my team and letting them know it’s alright and we can conquer this together as a team!! Thanks a million
May 30, 2018
Barry Edmonds
Clearwater , FL
ZBlackCard "Rocks"
Ladies and Gentleman I can in all honesty say that our Zblackcard is the most impressive card that I have in my wallet. To coin a phrase... I never leave home with out it. I am so impressed not only with the quality of the card, but one of the main reasons I decided to get involved with Ztegrity and acquire the baddest prepaid card on the planet was to be in the position of offering "quality" to those who have been excluded for the most part from the opportunity to own such a card. The amazing list of benefits this card offers is unparalleled. All I Can Say Is... Get Your Card Today!
May 30, 2018
Tashan Curry
Milwaukee, WI
I Love my card and I love what I do helping others build credit and also make money. I am so proud to be a founder as well. This is really a great opportunity for everyone and I would like to thank Mr Troy Mason and Staff for everything!! Keep up the great work!!!
May 30, 2018
Rose Clark
Brooklyn, NY
The Best Friend In My Wallet
What if you were given the opportunity (like I was) to own a beautiful metal card that combines the 5 types of cards available today into THE single card in your wallet. BTW: You don't need a bank account or good credit to get this card. Stop paying fees to other card companies - it's time to take charge of your financial future and transactions. Love, love this card - simply the best. (
May 29, 2018
Terri Williams
North Miami, FL
An Awesome Card to have in my wallet!
It's an absolutely beautiful card that is very easy to use and load. Having no fees for transactions is a real treat! It's definitely a conversation starter! The benefits and opportunity it offers will change peoples lives. I so glad I have one in my wallet!
May 21, 2018
Glenn Campbell
Los Angeles, CA

I'm feeling a little Cocky these days knowing my Zblack Card is on it's way and it's going to change my Family, Friends and Everyone around me lives!! For Info: 323 522 8992 All Praises
May 16, 2018
Marquese Hill
Baltimore , MD
This Card is the next level of financial freedom.
May 09, 2018
Dorian Williams
Denver, CO
The best decision I Made
This Card is the best card on the planet hands down and it is the best decision I Made with the perfect business model Mr.Troy Mason has Changed the game and I am proud to be apart of this once in a lifetime opportunity
May 03, 2018
David Pugh, Jr.
Durham, NC
I'm attracted to uniqueness!
It's beautiful and unique!
May 03, 2018
Tracy Trobaugh
Tampa, FL
I absolutely love this card!
I want to get rid of my banks now and only use this card.
Apr 22, 2018
Apr 16, 2018
Tobiyah Tafari
Miami, FL
Priceless Experience - #TheBossToss
As the owner of , I would love to show my appreciation for the creation of this beautiful card and the services attached. Being able to pursue and drive my dream car for $50 a month is just an understatement to the true value this card provides. Get Your Card Today! That's All I can Say!!
Apr 09, 2018
Kena Mark Bartholomew
Valsayn North, FL
I've never felt so powerful by just holding a Card in my hand. :)
This is by far one of the best cards i've hard, the feel, the class, the value, a tool that solve major problems to the comsumers but also for you and me, it's and opportunity to earn your place in society. Get what you deserve, you piece of the pie that another director or share holder have already accounted for. Let us take ownership and be the one collecting the royalties from the amazing concept. Troy is literally giving away money here and you would be MAD not to take it. This is the perfect timing for a problem that meets the perfect solution. We are Revolutionizing the CARD INDUSTRY. Invest in the things people use everyday and you will never have to worry about money.
Apr 05, 2018
Brampton, ON
Why I ordered my Card
I have not received my card as yet. However, it's the only one of it kind, very elegant and prestigious looking. In my opinion it's existence would be unlimited and unstoppable in the market place. I am recommending it with full confidence.
Mar 16, 2018
Charlotte, NC
Z black card
5 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
Mar 07, 2018
Shirl Williams
Niami, FL
Russell Simons has 1.5 million Rush Card customers. He makes over 15 million dollars each month on monthly fees alone and he makes 5 times that amount with all the other crazy fees his card has. He does not give card holders any rewards of any type he gives them nothing.

I've had the Prepaid Rush Card for all my online purchases. Never received any rewards for using it. It's load fee ranges $4.50 plus per transaction.

We have a Master Card that is many times better than his without any of the ridiculous fees. Looking for people to partner with me to bring this great card to market in 2018.

Mar 07, 2018
Corey Veney
Washington , DC
This card is the best, I cancelled both my credit cards, my rushcard, my netspend card and now the Zblackcard is my go to besides my business cards... Hands down this card is the best and if you don’t have one you need to order yours ASAP ✊🏽😁😏💳💯
Mar 05, 2018
Nancy Lopez
Orange, TX
With the other cards I had I was so tired of spending a ton of money on fees!

Every time I wanted to use my card I would get declined because they had taken money off of my card.

Then when I called to get my balance they took even more money from me. Thank you Troy for making this great card available!

Please keep up the great work!

Mar 03, 2018
Chris Gladstone
Brisbane, QLD
The Z Blackcard is THE best thing I have ever seen in the Networking Industry. I have been in this industry for 37 years and have never been exposed to anything which has the potential this has.

Troy's combination of the "sleeve" with the card is a great concept. I look forward to working with people to take this to the highest level.

Thanks Troy

Mar 03, 2018
Jeff Sherman
Oakdale, CA
I ordered this card because of all the benefits it has saving money as well as having an extra income
Loading the card is very easy to do and it is a great conversation piece every time I use it.
Mar 03, 2018
Lou Gtto
Pembroke Pines, FL
Thank you Mr. Troy Mason for this incredible opportunity! Here is my 3 week #ZBLACKCARD update!

In this time I have some incredible SUPER HERO'S :-) joining our adventure of a lifetime and in the process the rewards I received will pay for my and my wife's brand new car lease payments and a 3 day stay at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa :-)

We are going to help millions of people world wide!

The New Man of Steel Lou Gatto ZBlackCard Founder
Mar 03, 2018
Linda Redman
Slidell, LA
I love this card!
I love everything about my ZBlackCard. It has allowed me to earn more money because every time I use it people ask me how can they get one. I have never made money in any other opportunity. If you toss this card on the table it will sell itself. I easily make enough money each month to pay my car note and I will soon be earning enough to buy my dream car!
Feb 27, 2018
Houston , TX
2 Times The $
This opportunity is so success oriented that I am taking advantage of it ×2 One for personal use and the other is operating under my business.

I just love my ZBlackCards, they are way more classey than any other card I have ever seen!
Feb 27, 2018
Warren Houston
Houston, TX
Elegance Meets Intelligence
President/CEO Troy Mason has outdone himself with the new ZBlackcard. It is the first of its kind.

I've never had so much fun in my life using my credit/debit card dining out and paying bills.

This beautiful black and gold metal prepaid MasterCard is a work and show of elegance combined with no fees that are usually associated with using a debit card.

It is also uniquely (although a debit card) designed to be used as an upscale high-end elite card.

The ZBlackcard is about to Revolutionize the Prepaid Debit Card Industry!
Feb 26, 2018
Christopher & Stella Thompson
Stockton, CA
To STOP the Excess Fee's Charges in using Bank Cards
The Ztegrity Card works just as it is promoted. No Fee"s every time you use your card.

Whether your dining, shopping or need cash for the merchants that only take cash. Go to any TELLER and draw out up to $15,000.

Need to Rent-A-Car or Transfer Money, this Card handles it and more.

Get yours and experience the difference.

I bet you'll love yours as much as we love ours!
Feb 24, 2018
DeWayne Ashley
Copperas Cove, TX
The Very Best...
We stopped in a small town restaurant and the waitress remarked that our MasterCard was the most impressive she and the staff had ever seen.

Others say that having a metal card was the best idea they had ever saw, as they had to replace their plastic cards many times due to excessive wear and tear.

When we tell them how our card incurs no transaction fees they are really impressed.

We love this card as it is the only card that allows us to spend and make money.
Feb 24, 2018
Horace Mcburse Jr.
Atlanta, GA


Feb 24, 2018
Cledith Crumbley
Homewood, AL
My Ztegrity Prepaid Debit Card
I ordered my Ztegrity card in order to become a part of this amazing company.

The Ztegrity card will not only save me 💰 money but earn money as well.